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Mercy Kill of a Javan Rhino June 25, 2014

Replica at Zoological Musuem, Bogor, Indonesia. Photo by Gabby Wild

Replica at Zoological Musuem, Bogor, Indonesia. Photo by Gabby Wild

In 1914, the last Javan rhinoceros of Preanger (West Java, Indonesia) roamed his lonely forests peacefully munching on leaves, grass, and branches found almost exclusively in Indonesia. He was the sole surviving rhino in the district of Karang-nuggal Tasikmalaya. The hope of the West Javan population regaining vigor was snuffed out when his mate was killed earlier that year by poachers. Thoughts to transport the rhino from West Java to Ujung Kulon in the far south-west tip of the island where other Javan rhinos remained were not much of an option at that time- veterinary medicine wasn’t quite as up to par as it is today in order to make such a mission like that successful.

So the Dutch government, which ruled Indonesia at the time, made a startling move in order to show defiance against the poachers: they decided that if the poachers would somehow find a way to kill the rhino, they would be certain that they killed the rhino first. Why be so hypocritical? To ensure that the body could be preserved for science, not for someone’s trophy wall. So in 1934 the male weighing in at 2280 kg (5,016 lb- mind your toes) was killed by a single Mauser bullet (cal. 9.3).

His body remains today at the Zoological Museum at Bogor and has been most useful for my own research to preserve his species.

Replica of male Javan rhino Zoological Museum, Bogor, Indonesia. Photo by Gabby Wild

Replica of male Javan rhino Zoological Museum, Bogor, Indonesia. Photo by Gabby Wild

Today this male’s relatives in Ujung Kulon National Park are one of the most protected animals in the world. And that is where you can currently find me, working to ensure that this species does not get added to the IUCN list of “extinct”.

Stay Wild,

Gabby Wild


Mission: Javan Rhino June 15, 2014

Next to bringing back the dead, stopping the near gone from slipping off the precipice is a near impossible task. That is precisely why I have signed up to be in the conservation field. I’m intent on stopping these near “splats” of species that help stabilize the ecosystems in which they furnish. I like the near impossible.


Oliver Tolentino: Hollywood’s Go-To Eco-Fashion Designer April 9, 2014

Oliver Tolentino Accepting the SUSTAINABLE ECO FASHION AWARD in the Bahamas

Oliver Tolentino Accepting the SUSTAINABLE ECO FASHION AWARD in the Bahamas

Elephantasia, an eco-fashion show benefiting African elephants, is rocking the runway at the Central Park Zoo on Friday, May 30th. It features the world’s most renown eco-fashion designers. Taking the spotlight in this article is none other than one of our featured designers, Oliver Tolentino! Read on to know why this fashion design genius is considered “the go-to eco-fashion designer for Hollywood’s hottest celebs”…


Factoids About the Critically Endangered Red Wolf January 21, 2013

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Learn more about the last ~100 wild red wolves that roam only 5 counties of North Carolina and how they are related to Pocahontas and Captain John Smith!


Threatened By Association July 24, 2012

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Throughout the month of July, I along with the incredible assistance of Ya’axche Conservation Trust and Project Runway Season 7 winner, Seth Aaron have been protecting the Blue Morpho butterfly (Morpho peleides). But wait! That butterfly isn’t endangered? By golly, the butterfly isn’t even threatened! So why am I protecting it? Together we are protecting it because its home, the rainforests of Central and South America, are imperiled. With an estimated 1.5 acres of rainforest destroyed every second, time is ticking on the remaining 6% world coverage of rainforest left. And if there’s no forest, there will be no more wild blue morpho butterflies… But who cares? (more…)


The Humane Society of Schuyler County October 28, 2011

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Let’s face it: the Humane Society is one of the premier, most influential animal rights/welfare, and adoption organizations in the country, with hundreds of affiliations across the United States.

We took a peak into the Humane Society closest to me, and learned of how much good they do for the community but how much they need the community to still help them- especially during this economic crises!

Enjoy this video about the Humane Society of Schuyler County! Learn more about them at:

Also, if interested in adopting them, please contact: HSSC Phone: (607) 594-2255  Shelter Phone: (607) 535-9960

Stay Wild,

Gabby Wild


Purpose of “Luck of the Horseshoe” Horseback Ride Across Ireland July 2, 2011

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My mission is to promote animal rights, welfare, and wildlife conservation. So while it is all fine and dandy to be horseback riding across Ireland, it is imperative to ensure that you know that this adventure is to raise funds and awareness for The American Horse Heritage Fund (AHHF), a active campaign of The Humane Society of the United States. In a nutshell, this fund is serving as the engine of a Humane Society’s version of an M1 Abrams Main Battle tank that hopes to crush equine cruelty and slaughter throughout the United States.

The projects receiving the greatest attention are to protect Tennessee Walking Horses from soring, to advocate for new horse protection laws and greater enforcement of existing ones, and to offer aid to the horse rescue community by rescuing horses in need.

It’s with horses that we can help horses. Thus I am riding well cared for agile horses in this fundraiser adventure that I am titling “Luck of the Horseshoe”. As you enjoy and have been enjoying the vicarious thrill of my “prancing about on ponies”, remember that the mission is greater than the enjoyment. In future articles I’ll be writing about the various issues that together we are helping the Humane Society’s Equine Division combat. And, of course, every day, you’ll hear about the journey experienced that day.

Wish me some Irish luck!

Stay Wild,

Gabby Wild