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Jihad’s “White Gold” August 15, 2014

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Photo by Per Gunnar-Ostby

Photo by Per Gunnar-Ostby

According to the DC-based Stimson Center, ~60,000 African elephants and ~1,650 African rhinos [both species] were poached in 2012 and 2013. In just Kenya alone, the number of black rhinos fell from ~20,000 in the 1970s to ~650 today.

Poaching is a problemme of the poor in response to demand by the ignorant (or selfish) wealth. Yes, “subsistence poaching” remains a terrible problemme for the starving, but this social dilemma attacks poverty from a different angle. Regardless, the fundamental quandary that we are dealt with to solve is how to mitigate poverty. Yes, wildlife conservation is often more about people than about animals. If you can solve poverty in predominantly sub-Saharan Africa, giving everyone a job in which they are content with, providing individuals with an education, and establishing tremendous pride in their natural wealth, poaching will become a taboo. Until you establish poaching as a taboo, which cannot be articulated until the basic human needs are met, then poaching will go on.


Oliver Tolentino: Hollywood’s Go-To Eco-Fashion Designer April 9, 2014

Oliver Tolentino Accepting the SUSTAINABLE ECO FASHION AWARD in the Bahamas

Oliver Tolentino Accepting the SUSTAINABLE ECO FASHION AWARD in the Bahamas

Elephantasia, an eco-fashion show benefiting African elephants, is rocking the runway at the Central Park Zoo on Friday, May 30th. It features the world’s most renown eco-fashion designers. Taking the spotlight in this article is none other than one of our featured designers, Oliver Tolentino! Read on to know why this fashion design genius is considered “the go-to eco-fashion designer for Hollywood’s hottest celebs”…


96 Elephants Died Today…96 Will Die Tomorrow… And 96 More Will Follow… April 7, 2014

Elephant Herd by Per-Gunnar Ostby

Every day 96 elephants are slaughtered in Africa for their ivory tusks. By next Monday night you will be disgusted to know that 672 African elephants will have been exterminated from the planet.

This means that 1 African elephant is killed on average EVERY FIFTEEN MINUTES. Sick Yet? Not nearly enough…


Environmental Fashion Show Kicks of NY Fashion Week THIS Wed!!! August 6, 2013

Environmental Fashion Show Kicks of NY Fashion Week THIS Wed!!!

You are INVITED, Wild Ones, to the fashion event of the summer!

What? Sustainable Fashion Show

Where? Cornell Club (Manhattan)
6 E 44th St

When? Wed, 7 August from 7:00-10:00 PM

Who’s In It? Project Runway alumni designers & international eco-fashion designers

For What Cause? Protecting Endangered Animals from Extinction through The Gabby Wild Foundation, Inc. 501(c)(3)

How Much? $50/ticket

What Does Price Include? Hors d’oeuvres & cocktails, fashion show entry, & reception with chocolate truffles & champagne

How to Reserve?
Call: 212.692.1381


Gabby Wild “Speaks” Crow June 26, 2013

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As though she were a mother bird, Gabby “squawks” to an orphaned crow fledgling so that it gapes open to accept food.


Factoids About the Critically Endangered Red Wolf January 21, 2013

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Learn more about the last ~100 wild red wolves that roam only 5 counties of North Carolina and how they are related to Pocahontas and Captain John Smith!


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