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Leonardo DiCaprio: A Champion for Wildlife April 17, 2014

While some celebrities REQUIRE payment to come to charity events, including those that raise funds for animals, Leonardo DiCaprio DONATES to charities. In fact, only last year, Mr. DiCaprio donated $3 MILLION in 2014 to Oceana to help curb marine habitat destruction and protection of species, especially sharks. The grant is being dispersed over the next three year to also advocate for more sustainable fashing practices, such as banning California drift gill-nets that often catch harmless creatures, namely turtles, dolphins, sharks, and whales.

And in 2013 he donated $3 million to World Wildlife Fund for the protection of tigers in Nepal.

If this man doesn’t inspire you just by his goodness, then heavens knows who will! But this isn’t all that Mr. DiCaprio has done…


The Tragedy of Tigers November 19, 2012

Sumatran tiger (photo by Mark Butcher)

97% of all wild tigers have disappeared in the blink of 1 century. 100 years. That’s all it took to take down one of the most ferocious creatures on land. It is believed that only 3,200 tigers remain in the wild. 3,200!!! There are more tigers in captivity in the United States than there are in the wild, with numbers ranging between 5,000-10,000 tigers…

There are 9 different proposed subspecies of tiger recognized- 3, of which, are currently extinct:



Which sustainable and animal-inspired outfit is your favorite from “12 in 12 for 12”? November 11, 2012

Red panda dress. Photo by Edward Colleli

Each of these outfits are made by 100% sustainable materials, and each represents a threatened animal in great need of conservation! To learn more about the campaign, designers, and magnificent animals, please visit:

Sumatran tiger dress. Photo by Ken Kawamoto



Threatened By Association July 24, 2012

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Throughout the month of July, I along with the incredible assistance of Ya’axche Conservation Trust and Project Runway Season 7 winner, Seth Aaron have been protecting the Blue Morpho butterfly (Morpho peleides). But wait! That butterfly isn’t endangered? By golly, the butterfly isn’t even threatened! So why am I protecting it? Together we are protecting it because its home, the rainforests of Central and South America, are imperiled. With an estimated 1.5 acres of rainforest destroyed every second, time is ticking on the remaining 6% world coverage of rainforest left. And if there’s no forest, there will be no more wild blue morpho butterflies… But who cares? (more…)


Copying Chlorophyll to Go Green: Reduce Heat Energy Waste! November 27, 2011

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How do you keep a hot house during the shivery winter while trying to cut down on bills and still trying to be fair to Mother Earth? Here are some tips that I gathered from others such as Average Jane, Treehugger, and drips and drabs of knowledge that I somehow inherited: (more…)


Chlorophyll Copying to Go Green

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Yes, indeed, we are surrounded by the latest “fad”, but it’s about time that this one came about! Environmentalism/going green/being eco-friendly/tree-hugging/preservationistic/ conservationististic, etc isn’t just about the trend, it’s about how that trend will affect YOU!

For pessimistic starters: beware of those who try to take advantage of the situation and overcharge items and services in the name of it being “green”. Yes, indeed, some services will be more expensive. Take, for example toxic-free dyed clothing and  some biodegradable products, but, in general, the input cost to create a product such as a 3″x10″ beeswax candle shouldn’t yield a product worth $100.00. If so, please don’t buy it. Something like that should be $25.00 tops!!!

But on a lighter view, going green is not only awesome for the environment for more reasons that I can possibly blog about, but also for reasons involved in keeping your wallet nice and plump (of course, to then reinvest in saving the animals). Being that I personally believe we will do an act if it provides a positive reward for us, whether intrinsic or extrinsic, I feel a great way to encourage being green is to show you tips on how it can help your wallet. So, yes, being “good” can really pay off!

Thus depending on the time of year, holiday, or mood that I am in, I will share these little secrets and even recommend some “green” products to help keep you green while keep the green in your back pocket. Email me or comment on these “Chlorophyll Copying to Go Green” blogs if you have questions or suggestions.

Stay Wild,

Gabby Wild


Summer Rayne Oakes: An Environmental and Fashion Icon May 1, 2011

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Summer Rayne Oakes, honeybees crowning her head

In most of these posts a similar theme has reverberated across these pixels on your screen: animals are suffering usually due to human involvement. We either are directly killing them or indirectly harming them through destroying their food resources, contaminating their water, or reducing their habitat (none of which are mutually exclusive). That’s why an “army” of environmentalists are needed. One of the most acclaimed environmentalists for her unique method of bringing about awareness is none other than the model, spokewoman, TV host, and acclaimed author of Style, Naturally, Summer Rayne Oakes. This gorgeous Ivy Leaguer has researched toxins in sewage sludge, trekked out in the rainforest, studied entomology, and mapped invasive species. She has made fashion coincident with environmentalism and is off changing the world.