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Save the Red Panda! July 28, 2012

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Red Panda (photo courtesy of KJ Corry)

As many of you know, for the entire month of June Andy South, The Zoological Society of London’s EDGE of Existence Programme, and myself worked together to raise awareness and funds for the beautiful red panda who lives in the threatened so-called “lungs of Asia”.

Strongly passionate about red panda conservation and sustainable livelihoods for the people who would be affected by the destruction of the forests of western Chinese mountain ranges and the Himalayas, Andy South designed one of the most magnificent dresses I’ve ever beheld to represent the playfulness, sweetness, and relaxing aura this ruddy/richly red panda exhumes. He took some of his Hawaiian influence and naturally hand-dyed this masterpiece of silk.

Enjoy this video to learn more about the cause and specifically about the red panda:

Andy South’s Red Panda Dress (photo by Edward Colleli)

More info about the red panda can be found on one of my previous blog posts here.

Happy Saturday and Stay Wild,

Gabby Wild


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