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Intro to Raptors, Birds of Prey: Part I November 22, 2011

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3 Responses to “Intro to Raptors, Birds of Prey: Part I”

  1. Equinevet Says:

    Hey Gabby, can you explain for viewers a bit about how these beautiful birds are maintained-for example the tethers.

    • Gabby Wild Says:

      Certainly! As you all may be able to see, the birds wear some gear, namely jesses (custom-fit thin, leather straps around the “ankle” of the bird intended to keep a bird calmly under control when on the handler’s glove) and falconry hood (often used to prevent anxiety from the bird), but some may even be wearing tethers, which are harnesses that usually wrap around both the body and wings that then allow attachment of a leash. This often helps constrain a bird so that it does not escape. As you can imagine, escape for these protected birds from the Cornell Raptor Barn could be fatal to them, as most are either heavily human imprinted, injured, or incapable of finding their own food. Some harnesses do not wrap around the wings and can be used to teach the bird to fly, monitor its wing healing development, or allow it the opportunity to fly out in the open under supervision (and without escaping). I know that this is just a taste, but please feel free to ask any other questions!

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