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Special Thank You to Lap of Luxury November 10, 2011

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12 in 12 for 12 hemp tote bag

I wish to extend a warm “thank you” to the Lap of Luxury, a unique doggie-spa and pup-fashion boutique in Boca Raton, Florida.

In an effort to raise funds and awareness for wildlife, I am selling hemp tote bags with 100% of proceeds going towards the 12 threatened animals in our “12 in 12 for 12” campaign. Graciously, the Lap of Luxury is the 1st store to market them!

Unfortunately, today Diceros bicornis longipes, a subspecies of black rhino (aka West African Black Rhino), was declared extinct. Tsk tsk, humans! Thanks to your support and to the support of Lap of Luxury, hopefully we will not have to see wildlife suffer as much- at least not our 12!

For more information about Lap of Luxury, please visit their website:

Stay Wild,

Gabby Wild

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