Global adventures of a windblown, thrill-driven aspiring veterinarian

Distance Ridden Across Ireland! August 9, 2011

Blasket riding through the mist of the bog in the Valley of the Mad

Bum squished, legs brilliantly sore, and heart and spirit lighter than a feather, I rode across Donegal and Dingle, Ireland and had the time of my life sharing the adventure with you all while spreading awareness for horse abuse in the US. Here’s the drum roll for the amount of riding done:

Total miles ridden in Donegal= 56 miles

Total miles ridden in Dingle= 74 miles

For a total of 130 miles!!!


Those wishing to match me dollar, yen, peso, shekel, euro, pound, etc.  for mile, send an email to! All funds raised go to the Humane Society of the United States Equine Division!

Next adventure begins on the 15th: Cornell Veterinary School!


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