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Tell Me Your Personal Experiences With the Exotic Animal Trade April 4, 2011

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Do you own, know someone who owns, or have seen or heard stories of exotic pet ownership? What have you heard about owning exotics?

What are your thoughts on the fur trade?

I LOVE hearing your stories, personal accounts, and opinions. Feel free to upload them directly through the comments so that others can see or by sending me an email to!

Stay Wild,

Gabby Wild

Bobcat Photo generously supplied by Big Cat Rescue


4 Responses to “Tell Me Your Personal Experiences With the Exotic Animal Trade”

  1. Yuliya Gerasimova Says:

    So beautifull!

  2. Judy Wilson Says:

    I would like to comment on serval cats. I live in British Columbia, Canada. Until April 1, 2010 we had NO laws prohibiting the ownership or breeding of exotic animals as pets. Then, a woman in small-town BC was mauled to death by a tiger who was part of a “collection” of 7 big cats owned by a guy who lived there. There was a bit of a panic reaction, and our provincial legislature quickly passed a regulation to one of our laws, which was a list of what they call “alien species” prohibited for ownership or breeding. The problem was that in their haste, serval cats were left off the list. So were Ocelots, if you can believe it, but I can only deal with one thing at a time, it seems. There is a local man who breeds these supposed-to-be-wild cats, and he makes a lot of money selling these kittens as pets to people all over Canada and the USA. I’ve been researching this issue, and have found out that most people when these cute little kittens grow, and they grow pretty big, they aren’t what the person really wanted at all – a nice-looking housecat. They don’t behave like housecats, don’t eat like housecats, and normally aren’t as cuddly as most housecats. So, what happens? People abandon these beautiful and innocent animals to animal shelters. The Big Cat Rescue Center has told me that all o f their servals are there as a result of owner abandonment. I know this story isn’t as horrendous (by far) as bobcat fur farms, etc. but nevertheless, this local breeder (and we live in a smallish city, so there are probably more in our province) is using these wild animals to make money. I definitely consider this exotic animal trade. I was on the phone for hours today, trying to get answers about legislation, who the right contacts are, etc. and finally got a very kind and helpful man on the line who told gave me lots of information. So, as of today, March 5, 2011, I am going to be mounting the best campaign I can for the addition of serval cats to the prohibited list. The breeder is just going to have to find another job iwhen I get through with this! I hope.

    • Gabby Wild Says:

      Judy, if there were more “Judy’s” this world would be that much better, you know that? There aren’t enough fantastic adjectives to describe how I admire what you are doing! Please know that I am here for you should you need any support, and I can assure you that my amazing followers would agree that they equally support you. Let us know what we can do to help you! Stay Wild, Judy. Stay absolutely wild

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